The light whips that streak through the tunnel are te final element of this tutorial. (These´Ě» are not the same as the zaps.) Create an open Shape Layer. Animate the layer path so there is a slow exaggerated wiggle. The whip layers are the only 3D layers in the piece. Once you are happy with the wiggle turn the layer into a 3D layer. Place this so it appears inside the tunnel and adjust the 3D rotators so it matches the perspective of the tunnel. Place several of these in the composition at different times and positions. Vary the wiggle move on the whip so the they don't look like you copied and pasted the same layer multiple times.
Place whips in various spots in Z-Space. Animate a 3-D Camera through the the whips. They don't have to match the speed of the tunnel. I think they look better moving through faster than everthing else.
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